Fast Track

Your boarding pass to the exciting world of high tech

Six Months That Will Change Your Life

What is the Fast Track?

Coder Factory's Fast Track is an accelerated and revolutionary 24 week programme that places you in a well paid, exciting career in the tech industry.

Never coded before?

No problem!
Even if you've never coded before, you will have all the skills and experiences companies look for when hiring junior developers.

How does it work?

Weeks 1 - 12: You'll be coding and using Agile development methodologies from day one in a fun and challenging classroom environment.

Weeks 13 - 24: Work on real projects for potential employers, learn how to ace an interview and meet amazing mentors who will guide you into your exciting career.

Is the Fast Track for you?

If you want to work with technology that makes a difference in the world, have opportunities to travel and you want it fast, then the Fast Track could be for you.

The programme is ideal for high school leavers, university students (current and completed) and people looking to level up their careers - no matter what their age.

Expect The Best

Premium Quality

Australia's first, premium coding school. With a high-tech campus in the centre of Sydney, top rate hiring partners and a vibrant community, Coder Factory's Fast Track programme is the college of the future.

World Class Teachers

Visionary and respected teachers will guide your learning using our innovative Sprint Based LearningTM methodology. Their real world experience and contacts will ensure you're hired on graduation.

Extra Experience

12 weeks of classes, another 12 weeks of real project work - 24 weeks of life-changing knowledge, skills, experience and connections.

Women in Tech

Coder Factory is offering a woman a full scholarship to the Fast Track course. Please apply to find out more.

Hiring Partners

Just some of the companies lining up to hire Fast Track graduates:

What You Get

Impressive Portfolio

Build a portfolio of top rate applications that demonstrates your ability to write quality code and shows off your skills, knowledge and experience to any future employer.

Real Experience

Practical experience using the tools of a professional developer from day one. Working as part of a team and managing projects.

Full Stack Skills

You'll be a coder with skills in UX, database design, application architecture and sysops so you can be confident no matter what developer role you take on.

Upgraded Network

Upgrade your network with connections in the local startup community and tech industry. The right people will know your name.

The Programme

Programme Structure

Starts: 6th April 2015
Finishes: 21st September 2015
Monday - Friday
10am - 6pm

Weeks 1 - 12:
Intensive classroom learning (480 hours).

Weeks 13 - 24:
Gain experience working on real projects for potential employers


Full scholarships available to the top applicants.
Women and indigenous Australians are encouraged to apply.
Payment plans available.

First 12 weeks
AUD 14200 What's included?
Full 24 week programme
AUD 21900 What's included?

What you'll learn

Agile Methodology

Sprint Based LearningTM means you're an expert by graduation.

JavaScript Frameworks

Learn the hottest JavaScript frameworks - AngularJS + NodeJS.

Team Work

Your team competes for code quality glory every day.

Web Programming

Ruby on Rails mastery is your ticket to developer fame and fortune.


Complete a project every two weeks for a top rate portfolio.

UX and Design

Front end programming while keeping the user in mind.

Application Architecture

Understand how all the pieces of an application fit together.


Managing cloud based application infrastructure and resources.

Choose your own adventure

The world is your oyster when you're a coder.
There are amazing opportunities awaiting you when you graduate from the Fast Track programme.

1 Be hired by a tech startup

The demand for coders is huge in the tech startup scene. Whether you want to work for an established startup company, or become a tech co-founder, you will be spoiled for choice. Work in Australia in the burgeoning tech sector, or be snapped up by startups in the US, Europe and Asia.

2 Be a digital nomad

Travel the world, freelancing here, contracting there. Join thousands of other coders finding great places to live by the beach in exciting destinations all while coding for someone on the other side of the world. Your location doesn't matter anymore.
Work from anywhere. Live the dream.

3 Build your own startup

You will have the skills, knowledge and network to create your own tech startup. Graduates of Coder Factory are out there launching their startups now.

4 Teach others how to code

As coding starts to go mainstream, the demand for passionate and knowledgeable teachers is growing. It's a very rewarding career choice, take it from us :)


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